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Cheers to the freakin weekend and drink to that……

Weekends are for chilled looks. Whether you decide to be in your pajamas, sweats or nothing don’t forget to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Till next time.



Photos by: @muikiiobenja (Ig)

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Who said chunky sweaters have to look boring although most are tres 90s’. Here are a few tips I’ve learnt over time:

  • Combine the sweater dress with a form-fitting belt. The belt will accentuate your waist. Without the belt, the sweater was swallowing me up making me look like a knit ball and we do not want that now, do we?
  • To achieve a chic and sexy look, combine the sweater dress with a pair of the infamous thigh-high boots or ankle boots like I did.
  • Wear leggings underneath (be sure that the length covers your behind, you do not want to look tacky). Colored, printed leggings or those with a pop of color are perfect if  your sweater dress is in one color.
  • For an official look combine the sweater dress with a pencil skirt or formal pants.
  • A blazer over the sweater dress will quickly make your outfit very polished and elegant. Make sure the blazer balances out the look. Don’t go around looking like a stuffed bunny.
  • Skinny jeans in solid colors give a slimming effect and can form a perfect combo.
  • Last but not least, layer up the look with other sweaters, trench coats and shirts.

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Have a great weekend ahead.



Sweater and shoes from: @vostilook (ig)

Images by: @muiikiobenja (ig)









Happy new week fam,

If you follow me on Instagram (Justkaninte), which you should, you might have seen that for the longest time ever I’ve been searching for a PERFECT slip dress. I bought a couple of them (that is if three counts as a couple lol) which are somewhere in my closet under a heap of clothes. Why you ask, well, maybe coz I am not about to walk around looking like I had a fight with my “boyfriend” who kicked me out in my nightgown or coz I love my sleeping short shorts better. Anyway, let’s just say all those I have seen so far are mostly cringe-worthy.


That said, I came across this vest sweater which I’m pretty sure is a top lol, yaas to being a short girl. I love the fact that it is very light and airy, perfect for the hot weather. The double-sided slits are a major win for me, a girl’s gotta show some leg or thigh if you may. It has a slip-dress kind of vibe.

For this look, I wanted something that screams EXTRA without trying too hard, and that is where the scarf comes in. I wore it the ’60s way (tied under the chin) which is very common among the Western Bourgeoisie by the way. A pair of red heels and clutch totally made sense because, hey you can never go wrong with red.



You can wear this sweater with pants if you so feel like and tuck in the front part. Alternatively, you can switch the heels for a pair of sneakers for a day look. A tee underneath the sweater can also make for a perfect chilled ensemble. It is perfect for layering by the way. Whatever works for you really.

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Sweater from @vostilook

Photos by @Muikiiobenja (Ig)








Hey  Earthlings,

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences. We live in the era of many hindrances. But one of life’s sharpest paradoxes is that your brightest future hinges on your ability to pay attention to the present.

As part of ‘Celebrating The Now’ on Friday Moët & Chandon hosted a selected number of key lifestyle bloggers who had been nominated for the Royal Moët Nectar Treatment. The bloggers (myself included) were treated to a pre-tasting of the Nectar Impèrial by the luxury champagne house Moët & Chandon. The Nectar Impèrial will officially be launched in Kenya soon. The champagne which is yellow to golden in color has a very fruity aroma/bouquet (some pineapple and mango) with a slight hint of vanilla and of course grapefruit. With an alcohol content of 12%, I’d describe it as medium-bodied which makes it pretty much a good everyday kind of drink. What I love most about the champagne was the fact that I could still perceive the fruitiness after swallowing as opposed to the astringent aftertaste associated with most wines.


This exclusive event whose dress code was ‘sexy chic’ was held at Privee, Westlands. Needless to say, these bloggers didn’t come to play, they only came to slay. For my outfit, I went for a monochrome burgundy theme. I paired my light-weight bodycon midi sweater dress with a faux fur coat and very minimalist strappy sandals. My makeup served to give a pop of color to the otherwise monochrome look.

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. #CelebrateTheNow #MoëtMoment

Side note: Can I have a moment to state that Moët & Chandon sure knows how to throw a party, lit is the word. It was such an honor to be part of the luxurious brand.

Photography by: @Perixel (Instagram)

Make up by: @achy_brey (Instagram)

Alexandre Helaine Moët Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa & Lucia Musau Luxury Brand Marketing_PR ConsultancyAlexandre Helaine Moët Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa & Lucia Musau Luxury Brand Marketing_PR Consultancy (our hosts for the night)



With Fashion blogger Jocelyn Heidy


Left to right: Yours truly, fashion bloggers Ezil and Jocelyn


With fashion blogger Fred Anyona


With fashion blogger Ian Mussilli


With fashion blogger Vonette Von


With fashion blogger Grace Muriuki


Bloggers Grace, Miss Turu and Ezil.


Every moment is a selfie moment, Fashion bloggers Ms Kibati and Miss Turu


Bloggers William and Xarila


Fashionistas Vonette, Winnie Odande and Crystal Okusa


Fashion bloggers Grace Muriuki and Ayuma



Happy hump day loves,

This post is for those girls who like stealing *read borrowing* things from their boyfriends, brothers. Normally I would condemn you for stealing but this is one of the few occasions I  will not.

An Oversized button down shirt is perfect for those lazy days when you want a comfortable and easy look. Pair it with your denim pants and metallic chunky heels like I did and go kick some ass.

Also how perfectly does this shirt give some cold shoulder action?

Till next time Stay safe.



Shirt, pants and chunky heels: @Vostilook (Ig)

Photos by: @Muikiiobenja (Ig) , Glauben Photography (Website)

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Happy Easter my personal persons,

I’ll be candid and tell you that I wasn’t sure whether I should post this look here or even on any of my social media accounts. First because Sequins are not my cup of tea or cup of anything for that matter. Secondly, coz let’s face it people out here are pretty judgemental and as much as I’ve learnt to develop a thick skin, it does get to me sometimes. However, after much thought and seeking a few of my close friends’ opinion I decided to go ahead and share the look. IMG_0321copy

At the beginning of this year I made a resolution to blog more, as well as get out of my comfort in terms of what I wear. Therefore when I stepped into Vostilook store and saw this oversized  sequin bomber Jacket I knew I had to wear it for one of my shoots.


I could wear it with a tee over a pair of pants but what would be fun about that? Instead I wore it like baddie, bad and boujee you may call it 😉! Just a pair of short shorts beneath and a good bra and voila I was set! This pair of boots were like the icing on a cake!

Outfit by: @Vostilook (ig)

Shot by: @Muikiiobenja IG




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Happy New week loves,

How are y’all holding up? I hope you are handling the Monday blues like the badasses you are!

Well, before y’all go up in arms about how weather inappropriate this outfit is, just know that this post was meant to go up last week when the ☀ was all out. Also in my defence this outfit post is gonna be very informative coz of the numerous outdoor events we have this month.


You might call them play suits, rompers, onesies or short jump suits! Whichever the name, just know that this baddie is a fashion statement!

For a long time I always cringed whenever someone mentioned them. You can not blame me really. Growing up I had my fair share of bathroom accidents whenever I was in those goddamn dungarees I/we always wore! With time however I caved in and got myself not one or two but at least ten of these pieces.


Playsuits come in different designs and there are different key things to consider before making a purchase. One key thing to keep in mind when buying them is, ALWAYS go one size up. Meaning if you are a size 8, buy a size 10. This is because playsuits can for a fact give you a serious wedgie 😭, which is pretty uncomfortable and also there’s no such thing as “camel toe day out” 😅. Don’t even get me started on the trending camel toe underwears! My bad I digress 🙏.

On this particular day I wore this orange playsuit with a deep V and tie detail at the front with these super comfy “Justfab wedges”. Both items are from Vostilook! I also wore my wide brimmed floppy hat which instantly elevated the look from basic to bohemian chic! Can I get a Yaaas for being extra! Lol!  I love how easy it was to transition from a day to night look by simply getting rid of the hat.


If you are uncomfortable showing too much skin you can use a cover up like a kimono or duster coat. A pair of stockings can also come in handy.

Easy Tip: Wearing a strapless or deep V neck anything can be quite daunting coz a peek-a-boob moment it can easily offer *✋ if you get it* lol. To ensure your babies are tucked away safely use a double sided tape to attach the dress to the skin.

I hope this post was informative. I’d like to hear your thoughts regarding this look.

As always thanks for stopping by and till next time DeUces!

Playsuit and Shoes: Vostilook (Ig)

Floppy hat: An old gift

Photography by: Glauben Photography  Ig: @muikiiobenja


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