When I received an invite from Talent Africa to attend Nyege Nyege Festival as a fashion influencer, I was over the moon. I panicked, to be quite honest, after all I’m just a girl from Nairobi who knows nothing about International events but the fact that such a big brand entrusted me with the work of documenting the fashion scene at the festival gave me confidence boost. And the arduous task of searching for the perfect outfits started…. Sounds vain, ey? ๐Ÿ˜‚

If I could receive a buck for every time someone asked me what Nyege Nyege means I think I would afford the just launched IPhone Xs Max. Now, my Kenyan folk let me clarify it one more time Nyege Nyege is a Luganda word meaning โ€œan uncontrollable urge to danceโ€. The event has no relation to sex or immorality as some of you might think.

I reached out to Daisy of Amanda fashions and she was really helpful in terms of bringing my vision to fruition. And so, we packed and left for Jinja on Wednesday, 5th. Did I mention I was traveling with fellow Fashion Influencer Jocelyn Muoki?

We got to Jinja and the festivities began…

Tens of thousands of music lovers from across the continent and world over were in attendance. We converged at the shores of River Nile at the Nile Discovery Beach for 4- Days Non-stop music and festivities. With over 300 performances from Artists and DJs performing in five different stages. We really were spoilt for choice and it was overwhelming. #CoachellaVibes

There were food vendors that took care of everyone’s palette (from the bourgeoisie exotic food trucks to the local Rolex stands). Now let me explain to my non-Uganda readers what a Rolex is. Picture a chapatti, put a well-cooked Spanish omelette on top of it, add avocado, lettuce (garden salad), mayonnaise, a beef patty then roll for you to dig in #sluuuuuuuurp!! The toppings range from vegetables, to nutella to whatever tickles your fancy (taste buds). Matoke, roasted plantain and fresh tilapia was also in plenty.

You know what else was in plenty? Alcohol!!! Uganda Waragi was our go-to drink. The fact that it comes in different flavors (coconut and pineapple) is a total bonus, no need for chasers. Safe to say, I am now officially a gin girl, if that gin is Uganda Waragi. I can’t say much about the beers because I don’t drink beer but from the testimonies from my friends, I endorse The Bell and Nile beers. ๐Ÿป

What’s better than partying till dawn? Partying till dawn and knowing your bed is a few meters away if at all you need one. The camp sites spawn across the event venue offered just that. I personally wasn’t camping because I loathe tents and also because Jumia Travel was kind enough to offer hotel accommodation packages at just a fraction of the total cost. However, I did envy the campers because honestly that’s the raw Nyege Nyege experience. Also who sleeps during Nyege Nyege anyway (shrugs)???!

Onto the elephant in the room… (take it back to Nakumatt, that’s what he said ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚) FASHION!

Nyege Nyege Festival is all about bold prints, haute couture and Avant garde outfits, stunning make up including face art and comfortable shoes. Ankara, Kitenge and Kente prints were the order of the day because it is an Afrocentric music festival after all. There was a plethora of designs and styles and the creativity was something otherworldly you’d say. We even had Ankara braids!!!
In all honesty if I was to start describing every single look that stood out for me, I would probably need to do 10 posts. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Nyege Nyege offered me a platform to network with some of the world’s most brilliant minds both one on one and through the interviews Jocelyn and I conducted. I met people who ordinarily our paths wouldn’t have crossed and formed bonds that would probably last a lifetime.

I got a chance to explore the town of Jinja, the restaurants, the night life (I kid you not, my crew and I found ourselves at an Explorers club at 5AM on Sunday and then a Casino). Shout out to our cab guy Dennis.

The weekend culminated in a sun downer boat cruise on Sunday evening where at some point I took over as boat captain and it had all the passengers screaming. Afterwards Jocelyn and I interviewed Sho Madjozi *screams and major fanning*. Can’t wait for you to see it.

Perfect ending to an even more perfect weekend. What’s even better, I perfected my Shaku Shaku. Catch me at the club!!

PS: To be quite honest though, the exchange rate was confusing. I had to keep converting to make sense of the costs. On that note get you a currency converter.

Many regards to Talent Africa Group

MTN Nyege Nyege and Jumia Travel for making my Nyege Nyege Experience memorable.

Styling by: Wendy J Styles

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  1. anneDrane says:

    Good read.

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  2. Was a pleasure meeting you two in person and Nyege Nyege was a blast!


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